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All Natural Ingredients

Macrovita and Olivelia Natural Cosmetics are made with only the finest natural ingredients. Organically cultivated ingredients are indicated with an * in the Active Ingredients descriptions for each product.




Many kinds of algae combine their slimming and mosturizing qualities.



 Aloe Vera      

The most precious plant source of skin hydration, with invaluable anti-irritating and healing properties.



Argan Oil 

Emollient, soothing, hydrating, anti-wrinkle, nourishing and anti-ageing.



Contains fatty acids, phytosteroles and vitamins, which nourish and hydrate the skin.


Bee Pollen 

Pollen tones and enforces the human organism both physically and mentally.


Bee Royal Jelly 

A rich source of longevity as well as physical and mental health.


Black Oat
Provides the epidermis with a deep hydration, maintained at the same level for 24 hours.

  Brazil_Nut_logo.jpg Brazil Nut
Protects face surface cells against UV radiation
and nourishes the skin.
  coenzyme_q10_logo.jpg Coenzyme Q10
Reduces wrinkles, prevents the destruction of DNA chain
and protects skin cells against oxidation.
cotton_logo.jpg Cotton
Cotton's seed extract has rich emollient and soothing properties, which transfer to the skin the natural silkiness of the fruit.
  cupuacu_logo.jpg Cupuacu
Thanks to its high content in fatty acids, cupuacu oil posseses exceptional hydrating, anti-phlogistic and anti-oxidant qualities.
  Grape_seed_oil_logo.jpg Grape Seed Oil
Easily absorbed and effectivelly hydrating. Offers to the skin a silky sense.
Honey_logo.jpg Honey
A powerful natural remedy, honey acts preventively and therapeutically.
  hop_logo.jpg  Hop
Hop’s flowers have intense antiseptic action, stimulate blood microcirculation, tighten and calm the skin.
  Ivy_logo.jpg Ivy
Cleanses, tones, firms and relieves the skin, stimulating blood microcirculation.
Jojoba_oil_logo.jpg Jojoba oil
Stimulates blood microcirculation and reinforces skin’s suppleness and elasticity.
  Laurel_oil_logo.jpg Laurel oil
Relieves tired muscles. Acts against hair loss and split-ending
  licorise_logo.jpg Licorice
A particulary valuable vegetal anti-phlogistic and healing agent.
Lithothamnium_calcareum_logo.jpg Lithothamnium Calcareum
Combines the slimming qualities of the algae with its extremely effective mechanical exfoliating capacity.
  Mallow_logo.jpg Mallow
Having strong anti-inflammatory qualities, softens and calms the tired and irritated skin.
  marigold_logo.jpg Marigold
Having emollient, anti-irritating and healing properties, marigold flowers also promote cell reproduction.
Oat_logo.jpg Oat
Maintains the skin hymidity at a high level.
  _fatty_acids_logo.jpg  ω fatty acids
The polyunsaturated ω3 and ω6 fatty acids contained in the wheat germ and sesame oil constitute a rich sourse of skin nourishment, hydration and regeneration.
  olive_logo.jpg Olive
Contains tannins, iridoids, flavonoids and sugars wielding intensive antioxidant, cell stimulating, antiphlogistic and nourishing activities
P3_peptide_logo.jpg P3 peptide
Acts exclusively in the stratum corneum of the epidermis, accelerating the removal of dead cells and facilitating their replacement with new ones.
  palmitoyl_logo.jpg Palmitoyl
Hydrolysed wheat protein
Has an immediate effect on expression wrinkles (just like BOTOX), while gradually diminishes the age wrinkles.
  Pearl_logo.jpg Pearl
Pearl powder is extremely regenerating to the skin.
Propolis_logo.jpg Propolis
Propolis has considerable antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and analgesic qualities.
  provitamin_B5_logo.jpg Provitamin B5
Protects capillaries and contributes to tissue regeneration.
  red_grape_logo.jpg Red Grape
Protects hair against the destructive photo-oxidative stress, created by solar radiation.
retinol_logo.jpg Retinol
With exceptionally beneficial effect in the restoration and maintenance of the normal structure of skin tissue.
  rice_logo.jpg Rice
In the surface of the skin, rice improves tonicity and tightens the tissue, whereas in the interior, it stimulates the metabolism and speeds up cell renewal.
  Rosemary_logo.jpg Rosemary
Tonic, anticeptic, antioxidant and hair growth reinforcing.
Sesame_oil_logo.jpg Sesame Oil
Emollient, soothing, anti-inflammatory and blood microcirculation stimulant.
  Shea_Butter_logo.jpg Shea Butter
One of the richest vegetable oils, offers to the skin precious nutrition
and hydration.
  Soya_logo.jpg Soya
Soya isoflavones (vegetal estrogens) have a strong effect against localized fat.
St._John’s_wort_oil_logo.jpg St. John’s Wort Oil
With excellent anti-inflammatory and healing qualities.
  Sunflower_logo.jpg Sunflower
Its photoprotective qualities restrict the harmful effects of solar radiation.
  Sweet_almond_oil_logo.jpg Sweet Almond Oil
Emollient, soothing and hydrating. Ideal for massaging and make-up removing.
vitamin_A_logo.jpg Vitamin A
With exceptionally beneficial effect in the restoration and maintenance
of the normal skin tissue structure.
  Vitamin_E_logo.jpg Vitamin E
The most powerful  anti-ageing vitamin. It prevents cell destruction and stabilizes the skin tissue.
  Water_lily_logo.jpg Water Lily
Revitalizes, refreshes and tightens the epidermis.
Weat_germ_oil_logo.jpg Wheat Germ Oil
Reduces dryness and imperfections, softens the skin and improves its appearance.
  wheat_logo.jpg Wheat
Rich in vitamins A, D, E and lecithin, offers power, volume and elasticity.
  white_tee_logo.jpg White Tea
Acts against free radicals and reduces signs of photo-ageing.
Wulnut_oil_logo.jpg Walnut Oil
With excellent hydrating, calming, tightening and anti-inflammatory qualities.